This is a set of 36 printable positive notes form teacher to pupil.


These cards are designed to:

  • Help you build your relationship with your class.
  • Develop your pupils’ self-esteem.
  • Encourage a positive mindset.
  • Motivate positive behaviour.


This packet includes:

  • A PDF file with 7 different ideas on how to use these cards with your class.  
  • A PDF with 36 black and white positive notes, with 9 notes per page.


A few ideas on how to use these notes with your class:

1) Once a week set out the cards on the pupils' desks at the start of the day face up for them to read as soon as they come in.


2) Set out the cards on the desk face down. Then throughout the lesson you can tell individual pupils or groups to turn them over.


3) Termly give them out to pupils at the end of the day to take home.


4) Hand out one card to every pupil. Then ask them to give their card to another pupil in the class they think that card would apply to.




Positive Note Cards