My Wellbeing is a fourteen page PDF activity booklet, consisting of seven lessons and is recommended for pupils in Key Stage 3.


The booklet can be used as a remote learning provision for those pupils that are unable to attend school, in class or as homework. They help pupils learn, reflect and develop lifelong positive habits supporting them deal with change and challenging times. They also provide a safe place for pupils to explore their thoughts and feelings and helps them understand where and how to find help and support if needed.  


Lessons consist of a variety of teaching and learning activities guiding pupils through the following lessons:


Lesson 1 – Be positive, think positive

Lesson 2 – Managing change

Lesson 3 – Getting to the root of feelings

Lesson 4 – Ways to look after yourself

Lesson 5 – Making healthy choices

Lesson 6 – The importance of sleep

Lesson 7 - The benefits of an active lifestyle

My Wellbeing Activity Pack

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