My Healthy, Happy Mind


My Healthy, Happy Mind is a series of engaging pupil activity journals and lesson plans, written for each year group in Key Stage 2, which support the delivery of the RSHE curriculum. The lessons focus on teaching strategies to help support children’s, emotional literacy, resilience, self-esteem, mental health and ways to seek support when needed.


My Healthy, Happy Mind Level 6 has been written for pupils in Year 6 and builds on pupils’ prior knowledge from Level 3, 4 and 5. It contains a thirteen-lesson activity journal for pupils with accompanying lesson plans. These include; assessments, printable craft activities, practical games and ideas, all aimed at engaging children of all abilities in creative and reflective learning.


The first lesson is a baseline assessment, to assist in assessing and monitoring learning. Throughout the following twelve lessons within Level 6 pupils will discover:

  • Difference between mental and physical health and the importance of looking after both.
  • The benefits of a growth mindset and how to develop one.
  • How to prepare and embrace hormone changes that affect their emotions.
  • Strategies to help them manage their thoughts and feelings about change.
  • About comfort zones and the importance of stepping out of it to learn new skills.
  • What stress is and ways to manage it.
  • Difference between healthy and unhealthy friendship and how to build healthy onces.
  • The benefits of helping others and how they can help others more.
  • What healthy and unhealthy habits are affecting their mental health.
  • The importance of a bedtime routine and what makes a good one.
  • The importance of having hobbies throughout life.
  • How to create and use support networks.


At the end of the journal there is also space for pupils to reflect and explain what they have learnt.


The journals and lesson plans are all easily accessible and can be stored for future use by downloading the PDF.


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My Healthy, Happy Mind Level 6