Looking for ways to help your pupils’ transition back into school and reconnect together after lockdown?


‘Back Together’ post lockdown activity booklets help pupils reconnect, process, and recover from isolation and the difficulties of lockdown. Provides engaging activities and a safe space to work through their thoughts.


KS1 Back Together activity pack contains:

A printable ten lesson activity booklet for pupils.

Plus, a teachers’ guide, containing lesson plans, printable craft activities and practical lesson ideas.


Throughout the ten lessons pupils will be guided through five key topics:



Reflecting and processing what they enjoyed, found hard, learnt, and felt during lockdown. Encouraged to explore their own emotions in a safe supported environment.


Being Together

Reconnecting with their friends and developing teamwork skills.



Building a strong foundation for improving resilience, by developing persistence and self-esteem.



Learn simple self-care tips to help them lead healthier lives.


What’s Next

Looking forward and building strong support networks.



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KS1 Back Together Activity Pack

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