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Meet the teacher behind Teaching Health and Wellbeing

Hello and welcome, my name is Rachel McSweeney and I am the founder of Teaching Health and Wellbeing.  

Since graduating as a Physical Education teacher in 2006 my passion for teaching has continued to grow and still to this day, I enjoy my teaching position in school.

Throughout my teaching career and my work for The Children's Health Project, I have had the privilege of teaching a variety of subjects and Key Stages from One to Five. I have experience in leading training sessions focusing on developing physical health and mental wellbeing for pupils and staff. 


Through my experience in schools, I noticed that although pupils had the occasional lesson on health and wellbeing there was a lack of consistency and important key messages were fragmented throughout different subjects. I was, therefore, delighted when the government announced the new RSHE curriculum which would ensure a more consistent approach to teaching pupils about their health and wellbeing.


This need to educate children about healthy living has led me to create ‘Teaching Health and Wellbeing’, a resource to develop positive, lifelong habits in children enabling them to live healthier, happier lives. By providing effective and simple resources, ‘Teaching Health and Wellbeing’ supports teachers in educating pupils about the importance of their physical, mental and emotional health. 

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