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Relationship,  Sex and Health Education 


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What is RSHE?

The government have made it mandatory for both primary and secondary schools to start delivering a new curriculum, focused on health and wellbeing from September 2020.

This new curriculum is referred to as the RSHE (Relationship, Sex and Health Education) Curriculum. The government’s aim of teaching pupils about physical health and mental wellbeing is to 'give them the information that they need to make good decisions about their own health and wellbeing.’ (

Click on the ‘’ button to take you to the government guidance for this new curriculum.  

How Teaching Health and Wellbeing fits into the RSHE curriculum 

Our resources are specifically written to be taught in schools and support the delivery of the 2020 Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing Education curriculum.

Scroll down to see what parts of the RSHE curriculum we support.


1. Mental Wellbeing,

Content can be found under our My Mind resources and covers topics about our own and others' emotions, what is appropriate behaviour, simple self-care techniques, strategies for dealing with worries, persistence, gratitude and the importance of how and when to seek help.   

2. Physical Health and Fitness,

Content can be found under My Movement resources. Looking at the physical and mental benefits of an active lifestyle, risk associated with an inactive lifestyle, appreciation for pupils' own bodies, how pupils can stretch and challenge themselves, and what is fitness?

Kids Running

3. Healthy eating,

Content can be found under My Nutrition resources. These include topics developing pupils’ knowledge about what a healthy diet consists of, the characteristics and risks associated with a poor diet, how our food effects both our physical and mental health, and the basic principles of planning and preparing a healthy meal.

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4. Health and prevention,

Content can be found under My Lifestyle and My Safety resources.


My Lifestyle teaches the importance of healthy habits to help physical and mental health, including, sleep, getting outside, and being part of a community.


My Safety provides resources to teach pupils ways to prevent ill health through learning about personal hygiene, how to recognise signs of ill health and what to do if they are worried about their own or someone else's health.  

​5. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco,

Content can be found under My Safety resources. We aim to educate pupils on the facts and risks associated with legal and illegal substances.

6. Basic First Aid,

Content can be found under My Safety resources.  These resources ensure pupils learn how to make an efficient emergency call and how they can deal with and treat common injuries.

First Aid for a broken arm
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