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Our journals have been written by teachers and are a supportive resource to help teach pupils about how to take care of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Inside each journal you will discover:

Fun activities for pupils to complete to help them discover and learn about their health and wellbeing.


Questions that create opportunities to open up conversations.


Stretch tasks for the more able students.


Places for pupils to have quiet reflection time.


Places for teachers to ask personalised questions to the individual pupils.


Opportunities to evidence pupils' learning and understanding.

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There are four journals in the series and they have been broken up into four levels, one for each year group in Key Stage Two. Each level is designed to support the relevant curriculum for that year group  however, these are a guideline for schools to use and can be adapted to meet each school's needs.

Level 1 for Year Three

Level 1 Front cover.png

Level 2 for Year Four

Level 2 Front Cover.png

Level 3 for Year Five

Level 3 Front Cover.png

Level 4 for Year Six

Level 4 front Cover .png

Each level consists of five chapters; My Brain and Mind, My Nutrition, My Lifestyle, My Safety and My Movement.

A breakdown of content for each of these chapters and levels can be viewed below.

Teaching children that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body is a key part in educating pupils in how to take care of their own health and wellbeing. My Mind and Brain chapter focuses on teaching pupils strategies to help support their mental health, emotional literacy, resilience, gratitude, and ways to seek support early when needed.


The journals teach pupils of the power of food and what food does to their physical and mental health. Pupils learn how to read and understand what is in their food and how to prepare a healthy meal. With this knowledge we aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to make healthy, educated decisions on what, when and how to eat. 

Learning lifelong, healthy habits is a vital part of growing up. My Lifestyle chapter focusing on educating pupils about healthy sleeping habits, the importance of going outside and being a part of a community.



It is important that pupils understand how to keep safe and what to do if they or someone else is unwell or hurt. My Safety focuses on teaching pupils to recognise signs of ill health, how to find help and vital self care to prevent ill health.

The journals teach and challenge pupils to value and look after their bodies. They learn about the importance of regular movement and exercise and how moving their bodies can help their sleep, physical health and mental wellbeing.

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